Blacks in Britain 2016: Favourites

By the Editor and Publisher, Thomas L Blair © 29 December 2016


2016 was one hell-of-a-year. And it sowed an extra layer of thorny issues for Blacks in Britain. Like me, do you wonder what the Black Pathfinders – the much-loved activist Lord David Pitt and Pan-Africanist rebel Bernie Grant, MP for Tottenham — would say and urge you to do?

Weighing up your favourite choices, we ask you to reply: Do Blacks in Britain need a movement for a new equality age.

Race and Brexit

One of the favourite pieces in June was the stunning victory of the Brexiteers. Left-behind white working class communities and regions won the day. But it was an excruciating loss to race harmony. The losers were Black Britain and ordinary tolerant citizens.

News, views on key issues

The London elections happen to be one of the most-read pieces this year. Our reports critically saluted London’s first Asian mayor, Sadiq Khan, with a call to keep his feet to the fire. Moreover, we kept a close watch on the gruelling leadership contests for Labour, the Conservatives, and UKIP.

If you are looking for both a shock and solutions to violence toward women and children, try African Gender Advocacy: Fighting for the Forgotten Victims of sexual abuse. If you want to focus on what might blossom in homes and classrooms in the year ahead, try learning with the new Afro-super-heroes.

Practical policy action

Dora Boatemah highlighted How to tackle the London social housing crisis?   Six ways race researchers must change to rescue Black tenants from aggressive urban renewal plans.

Most striking of all, the Chronicleworld proposed new action policies in Race-Post-Brexit: Black Political Elites Bristle with Intent, but can they deliver?; and ­­­ After Brexit: UK Clergy Urge Reconciliation to Heal Growing Moral Crisis.

And the five most-read political and cultural articles were:
Be Black, proud and progressive:  Five ways London’s elected Black mayors and councillors made a difference; How to Declutter Your Mind – and make BlackLivesMatter; black workers revive race equality goals; the prospects for Black London Futures; and Shunned Black actors:  Come Strengthen Your Roots.

Cultivating the love-of-learning
If you want to focus on what might blossom in homes and classrooms in the year ahead, try learning with the Afro-super-heroes – New Crusaders for Black History.

Think positive, Tell freedom

Readers gain two significant advantages by following the Chronicleworld. They gain a new appreciation of Black History. They can use our pages to propose new models for “We ’ting” in the British life, politics and political economy.

Furthermore, our articles, reports and commentaries urge thought and positive, affirmative action. It is this emphasis, this independent editorial direction, which makes the Chronicleworld unique.

So, Farewell 2016. Happy almost New Year!
Stick with us in 2017, our 20th year of publishing ideas and ideals that matter to Blacks in Britain and the Diaspora.