Editions Blair Series

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Editions Blair publications have served communities of African heritage in Britain and Europe for over a decade, from 1997. It projects a spirit of online academic engagement that is independent, informative and distinctive in character and in style.


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Titles range from:

The Shaping of Black London to the first Black settlers in the 18th century to today’s denizens of the metropolis.

Designing renewal on Europe’s multi-ethnic urban edge: the case of Bijlmermeer, Amsterdam

Designing renewal of large high-rise and often multi-ethnic housing estates is a major challenge facing planners of post-Maastricht urban Europe.

Du Bois and the century of African liberation: the man – his mind, philosophy and morals. Increasingly Dr W E B Du Bois is seen as a scholar with a prophetic view of the Black man in the twentieth century.

Urbanism and poetics: the role of Europe’s Black intellectuals in the African digital diaspora. This pamphlet explores the role of Black intellectuals in a possible process of Black re-engagement with the modern Western world.

 The city as a ‘race’ problem narrates the problems and prospects of the first Black urbanites, using a Du Boisian model of social contact, conflict and change, or stagnation.

 High rise, hard living: on being Black in London’s tower blocks

By law and practice, a low-income family in housing need could get on the list for 1960s high-rise municipal housing.

 Before London: coping with freedom and its discontents seeks to raise awareness of the coping strategies the freed Black peoples used to build new lives in Caribbean cities following emancipation in 1883/84.

A travelling people: Caribbean migration on the verge of departure to Great Britain
This study reveals that colonial Afro-Caribbean people, with their yearning for freedom and opportunity, were a traveling community of cultures for centuries before establishing major outposts in Britain in the 20th century.

The Impact agenda Prof Thom Blair reflects on use of Internet and social media by Black communities and scholars to disseminate ideas, and calls for this material to be captured and preserved as part of Britain’s cultural heritage.

 Black Britain: organising for media diversity The Chronicleworld was Britain’s first Internet magazine monitoring Black British Communities post 1997.

Black Britain: cross the digital divide illustrates the struggle for digital diversity

Black Britain: our Olympian struggle pays tribute to pioneers in the arts and culture

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(Search for Thomas l Blair: Ebooks and prints are available in British Library )


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