About Chronicle World’s Weblog and Black Britain

The Chronicle World’s Weblog is the UK’s leading independent online news magazine on Black Britain politics, history, culture.

It is “Black” in the sense that each article is thoroughly researched and written for readers in Black Britain and the African Diaspora,

Founded in 1997 by cyber-scholar Professor Thomas L Blair his articles and commentaries focus attention on Cyber Action for Social Change.

The Weblog, a non-profit enterprise, leads on issues that affect Black communitites and their urban habitat. From race equality issues to the rape of resources. Climate change to crime. From social strife to social justice in politics, culture, health, education and housing.

The Chronicle World’s Weblog is seen as central to the narrative of Black people in modern Britain from the second half of the 20th century, according to the British Library Community Development and Regeneration portal.