Pro-Democracy Journalists Getting Black Non-voters to the Polls for London Mayoral Election May 2024

By Thomas Blair 15 January 2024 @

Strengthening Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policies will be the main focus of Black Londoners in the May 2024 elections for the capital’s mayor. However, many have soured on city politics and the news media that fail to report their needs.

This voter alienation reduces the power of the Black vote. Therefore, it falls to the Black press and newscasters, campaigners and communities to counter this peril to Black democratic rights.  

 As the battle for the mayor’s office gets underway, we have devised a Pro-Democracy Journalism Tool Kit to target the policies, people and resources that can draw reluctant potential voters to the ballot box.

Going local to report the News

Pro-democracy journalism starts with placing a reporter in every borough with substantial Black residents. These news gatherers will be uniquely positioned to focus on local issues.                                                                                

Saving community assets

Evidence-based stories can prove that saving housing habitats and treasured community assets is a favoured goal. Journalists can highlight campaigns to improve local libraries, parks, youth centres, clubs, pubs, and independent shops.

Homeland Aid

Newscasters can report why relaxing immigration rules and improving development of overseas African, Latin and Caribbean homelands are a priority.

Encouraging participation in the voting process

Pro-democracy investigative journalists can provide the information tools people need to participate in the voting process. They can write stories about campaigners and activists on the ground doing things to enfranchise Black people. This will make them better able to understand metropolitan issues that affect them.

Election Coverage reform

Instead of first past the post horse race style reporting, on who the likely winner will be, pro-democracy journalists should be asking the contenders their views on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.


Pro-democracy journalists and their like-minded, multi-racial allies can publish hundreds of stories, editorials and posts about what people are doing to strengthen civic participation.  

Accessing the money

Pro-democracy journalists should question candidates on how they’ll use the elected mayor’s £18 billion annual London budget to improve obsolescent estates, overloaded health systems and inequality outcomes.

Reach out to people. Raise their voting power

Thereby, turning disillusioned Blacks into enthusiastic voters in the London May 2024 mayoral elections.