Resilience in a Year of Hard Times

By Thomas L Blair 1 January 2017


The first days of 2017 are underway. So let’s start with a show of individual and collective resilience. That’s the goal of awakened Black communities.

January is traditionally the month of promises keep. They are resolutions to guide future positive actions.

What says resilience to you?  Be the first to start a Comment thread on this page.

  • It could be a portrait of a person you know who never gave up on their heritage.
  • It could be a ritual you and others practice among yourselves.
  • Or, a deeply-felt tradition that you (or people in your community) have successfully preserved.
  • Moreover, it could celebrate a brave resistance to unbridled abuse of power.
  • Post about something that has endured but serves an uplifting purpose in the future.

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Photo: The man they called Joe Benjamin ©Thomas L Blair All rights reserved