The Spectacle of Politics 2016: Favourites

By Thomas L Blair, Editor and Publisher © 27 December 2016

The disastrous spectacle of politics 2016 led to Blacks in Britain calling for a new equality era. The Chronicleworld’s reports on the personalities and events  served to emphasise their relationship to Black thought, activities and demands.

Race and Brexit
In late June, the Brexiteers staged a stunning victory for its special interest allies. This set up an excruciating loss to race harmony. However, the Chronicle world was busy speaking out for Blacks in Britain, and ordinary citizens.

News, views on key issues
Our reports critically saluted London’s first Asian mayor, Sadiq Khan, with a call to keep his feet to the fire. Moreover, we kept a close watch on the gruelling leadership contests for Labour, the Conservatives, and UKIP.

The next newsletter will include favourite articles from 2016 on women’s rights, learning with the new Afro-super-heroes and affirmative policy action in housing and urban regeneration.