Deanne Heron, author
Deanne Heron, author

Poetical Justice — Black citizen challenges traffic camera


Surreptitious Surveillance is fantastic storytelling … If only many people would tell their story in such an honest way,” Alex Pascall OBE musician and educator.

“Brave attempt to question the traffic camera and the judge,”


Madam you are brought before me in this court for criminal damage to public property.

Do you have anything to say in your defence – what is your plea?

You are a law abiding citizen with no previous convictions as far as I can see.

Please state your case quickly this day so I might grant you clemency.

I am guilty Your Honour and to illustrate my case I have quite a lot in evidence to say.

Because I don’t think I should have been brought here in this disgraceful way,

In handcuffs in great embarrassment flanked for all to see by guards.

This traumatic experience, Your Honour, will leave me permanently emotionally scarred.

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About the author

Deanne Heron was born in Jamaica but came to live in England in 1967. Deanne’s primary school teacher’s love of poetry sparked her own interest in poetry and writing in general. She has found writing poetry an escape and a very therapeutic way to cope with racism and the harsh life she experienced in Britain on her arrival.

SURREPTITIOUS SURVEILLANCE features in Deanne’s Contemplation — a collection of thoughts and emotions expressed in poetry. She says  “The poems in this collection express many moods from sadness and heartache to mischievous musings and all the moods in between. Contemplation expresses an emotional journey from stressed confusion to inner peace. It is an art form of carefully crafted words; a sculpture of soothing words like honey to heal”.

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