Get Woke!

Dawn Butler MP resigns to ring the wake up bell

By Thomas L Blair  4 February 2017 copyright reserved

dawn-butler-maily-mail-onlineDawn Butler’s brave no-vote and resignation as shadow minister for equalities is a warning bell to London’s diverse communities: Get Woke! for a Brexit system that welcomes & works for all.

Of course, Ms Butler’s actions could not halt the Commons vote to take Britain out of the EU. However, the message from the MP for multi-racial,-cultural Brent Central was clear.

“I want to send a message to our prime minister that I do not agree with the direction she is taking the country, the way for me to do that is to vote against this second reading.” The Black Moderniser promised to work on a diverse communities manifesto.

Indeed, it will take a Get Woke! Manifesto to prove that Butlers’ dissent is more than a gesture to long-suffering marginals that voted 60/40 to Remain. Here are some crucial points to consider.

Isn’t it time for an overarching race equality strategy, crafted after a meeting with community activists and opinion leaders?

The killer question is: How to counter the aggressive populism of Brexit’s anti-immigration and harsh economic policies.

Moreover, the economic damage from Brexit goes far wider than its direct impact. The key point here is:  How to protect and promote the interests of kith and kin in the Brexit-affected homelands.

Get Woke! recognises that things have gone past the serious to critical level. The proof is in UK Equality and Human Rights Commission’s report Is Britain Fairer? Dedicated researchers identified eight key challenges for policy makers, statutory bodies and other groups to address over the coming years.

  1. Improve the evidence and the ability to assess how fair society is.
  2. Raise standards and close attainment gaps in education.
  3. Encourage fair recruitment, development and reward in employment.
  4. Support improved living conditions in cohesive communities.
  5. Encourage democratic participation and ensure access to justice.
  6. Improve access to mental health services and support for those experiencing (or at risk of experiencing) poor mental health.
  7. Prevent abuse, neglect and ill-treatment in care and detention.
  8. Tackle targeted harassment and abuse of people who share particular protected characteristics

Thus, the propellant fuel for the GetWoke! Manifesto is in the message to diverse communities. Wake up to what’s going on around you. Challenge nativist bigotry. Act on Brexit’s perils and take advantage of its prospects.

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