Whose “special relationship”?

By Thomas L Blair 4 February 2017 ©

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Prof Gus John
Prof Gus John

Prof Gus John is back online with a new series of comments and opinions on current affairs. We note his views on “our UK-USA special relationship” proclaimed by Prime Minister Theresa May and President Donald Trump. John writes:

“If either nation places the marginalised, excluded and ‘othered’ on the backburner of their domestic and foreign policy, it is evident that neither will use the ‘special relationship’ to safeguard and advance the rights of those left out of their political agenda. On the contrary, they would be endorsing and reinforcing each other in their ‘othering’ and excluding, while pleading that it is not for them to interfere in each other’s domestic affairs”.

Powerful views from the West Indian scholar with a record of radical thought in Britain, and said to be one of the ‘30 Most Influential Contemporary African Diaspora Leaders’.