After BREXIT – A blow to equality progress

Alex Pascall
Alex Pascall

Brexit’s repercussions surpass an earthquake. Bigotry threatens progress towards the equality of opportunity. I have witnessed the downward spiral myself, says Alex Pascall, our contributing opinion writer when interviewed

Published by Thomas L Blair June 28 2016 ©

What do you mean by “progress,” Alex?
Diversity was not valued when I arrived from the Caribbean. We gave it value by combatting widespread discrimination and rebuilding post-war London.

Things got better…?
Yes, people from different ethnicities working together became the norm. The politics of unity prevailed by the end of the century. Indeed, by 2016 London elected Sadiq Khan, a Sunni Muslim whose parents came from Pakistan.

What hope for renewed progress post-BREXIT?

The LEAVE victory signals a return to the virulent prejudices we faced in the 1950s and 60s. Thus, the stage is set for us to restore faith in London’s equality in diversity.