Windrush daughter says scandal is “crime against humanity”

Black professor calls for Labour Unity against Tory “racism”

By Thomas L Blair, 26 September 2018 ©

Photo/University of Nottingham

The Windrush Generation scandal is “a crime against humanity”, Cecile Wright, Nottingham University professor and Black militant, warned the Labour Party conference in Liverpool. Tory “racism” was to blame, she said. In a spirited defence of long-term Caribbean-born UK residents, she targeted the hostile policies of Prime Minister Theresa May’s Windrush Task Force.

A view reinforced by Shadow home Secretary Diane Abbott, compensation campaigner for Windrush people wrongly deported or denied healthcare and benefits.

The Windrush daughter said: “Prominent Tories have for decades sought to remove, stigmatise or use racist name-calling ever since the Windrush generation arrived in this country in 1948.

“Indeed, it was the Tory Enoch Powell who wanted us repatriated to avoid the rivers of blood.

Ms Wright, an expert in Britsh race relations and social class divide said, “It was the Tory Margaret Thatcher who told us the country was being swamped by immigrants.

“It was the Tory Boris Johnson who has used the racist jibes of watermelon smiles and pickaninnies, and the Tory Theresa May who devised a hostile environment policy and removed as many black Caribbean people as possible to keep down the net migration figures.”

“Let us all in the Labour party unite against racism, for it is the Tories we need to oppose”, urged Ms Wright.


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