Darcus and Pansy – Different Paths, Same Struggle for Black Humanity and Well-being

By Thomas L Blair  8 April 2017 copyright

From Bloomsbury Academic EPub book
Darcus Howe

Scholar-streetfighter Darcus Howe led Black youths struggle against “vulgar racism.

Pansy Jeffrey

Health worker Pansy Jeffrey  opened the first  centre for  Caribbean elders.

Different paths you might say. Yet, both were innovators and motivators in the riotous Sixties and Seventies when being Black was taboo.

Moreover, Darcus and Pansy were part of a new wave of thought and action . They offered inspiring solutions to Black peoples problems. Trans-Caribbean and pan-African in vision, they reignited the torch of resistance and mutual aid lit in the anti-Colonial struggle.

What unites Darcus and Pansy for us in our turbulent times is a quality of monumentality and permanence. They exposed the folly of silence in adversity. They aimed to change attitudes and policies in government and society. As such, their lives and missions are key resources for Black British social, cultural and political development. Read more

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One thought on “Darcus and Pansy – Different Paths, Same Struggle for Black Humanity and Well-being

  1. Darcus Howe ‘The People’s ‘Renegade’.
    He was the social architect for the youth awareness, all through they admired and listened to him. His Trinidadian way of speaking, love for the culture of ‘Mas’ (Carnival) he was formidable, fearless in his advance in the struggles against racism and the underdog, those were and will remain parts of the legacy that he has left us.

    I understand that there will be big celebrations in Trinidad. I would not be surprised if his body is sent home.
    Alex Pascall OBE
    Good Vibes