Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith. After a decade of reporting on the Black Experience, I’ve given our Internet news magazine a reality check.

For more than a decade, The website has proved to be an effective commentary on social prejudices that malign people of colour.

Now, with the new Chronicleworld’s Weblog, I’ll be blogging to help information-poor communities create a strong base in cyberspace for their aims and demands.

This is no misty-eyed dream. People’s wants and needs are terrestrial, and real world solutions to social problems must be found. Political leaders and information power brokers must be challenged to supply them.

But the crucial point is that communities using the Internet and new technologies gain an advantage. They can increase the pressure for pay-offs in economic, cultural, political and democratic dividends.

Eminent Black scientists – such as mathematician-engineer Philip Emeagwali, “a father of the Internet” and Cheikh Modibo Diarra, astro-physicist and head of Bill Gates’ Microsoft Africa – have given us the info-tech tools. And, in my view, political blogging and cyberaction can help information-poor communities begin to shape equitable societies and nations.

Future occasional postings will explore key issues about the Afro-Blogosphere and political blogging for advancement. Among them: Is blogging a toy or a tool? What are the benefits and disadvantages? Who gains and who loses?


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The Chronicleworld’s Weblog is a publication of Chronicleworld the Internet magazine on changing Black Britain and Afro-Europe.