Stephen Lawrence’s father exposed media and police failings 16 years ago

Neville Lawrence urged vigilance, new thinking and partnerships for justice at the Chronicleworld’s race and the media conference  

Thomas L Blair © 08 March 2014

nevthom1When your child suffers death in a lethal racist attack, it’s the loss and lack of justice that drives you on, Neville Lawrence told me at dinner before I introduced him to the audience. “Doreen and I cannot rest until the press and law officers listen to us, and people take up our rightful campaign for our son, Stephen”, he said.

And that was his message to my conference, “What colour is the news?” at the Freedom Forum European Centre, London on a winter’s night December 7, 1998.

It struck a chord with the panel of prominent persons — Baroness Patricia Scotland of the House of Lords, Church of England Bishop of Stepney John Mugabi Sentamu, and Chief Inspector of police Dalton McConney.

He encouraged support of the more than 150 people from a wide range of backgrounds and opinions: Black community leaders and journalists, students and parents, scholars and rail workers, teachers and local politicians. His message:

Police must respect Lawrence campaign for justice

The UK media needs integrated newsrooms

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