Post-GE 2017: Does Minority Ethnic  Solidarity have a Political Future?

By Thomas L Blair  7 June 2017 copyright

I’ve read the Race Equality Manifestos with a growing respect for the campaigner’s scrutiny of the political establishment and media debates.

Maybe they have had nothing much to say  about climate or the new era of Artificial Intelligence. But Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups, like those below, have shown an ability to raise uncomfortable issues facing them and the nation.too.

What will the new government and Brexit mean for the multi-ethnic NHS? It relies on thousands of hard working and highly skilled from non-UK countries, many of whom feel unwanted here.

Campaigners raise the question:  what shape will post-Brexit immigration rules take, and with what consequences for  start up entrepreneurs and  small Black, Asian and minority businesses?

Will pensions be safe for the elders who answered the call of the “Mother country” to help reconstruct war-torn industries, transport, health and public services?

Moreover, what will the government do for the poorest hard hit families as prices rise, for petrol, clothing, food and homeland travel to Africa, Asia and the Caribbean?

What will be the effects of  rising public fears  of  terrorist attacks: Will Britain’s tolerance disappear in an endless spiral of hatred toward people of different colour and faiths?

Like you, I wonder : will the Race Equality campaigners maintain their pact after June 8th?

What do you think? Reply with Comments, please.

Here’s my selected list of online Black,  Asian and minority ethnic  campaigners

Hope not Hate


Stand up to Racism


Unite against Fascism NB Has photo of the Battle of Lewisham. They are also organising events in Lewisham on August 12th/13th – see


Muslim Engagement and Development


Muslim Council of Britain


Hindu Council UK


National Church leaders Forum


Traveller Movement


Jewish Manifesto


Jewish Labour Movement

Operation Black Vote


Runnymede Trust – Blog

Black Activists Rising Against Cuts


Asian Image