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Congratulations!  Big-up!  Respect!  Ye me wo mo!
Jambo bwana!  Hail Oba of America!
Cuba si, Yanqui no!   Salut!

The praise was overwhelming. But will the son of Africa’s pledge, “the best is yet to come,” aid Africa and the Diaspora? 


Jamaica’s Prime Minister congratulates Obama

Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller has extended congratulations to President Barack Obama saying his re-election is a victory for democracy.
“Jamaica looks forward to the continued strengthening of the special bonds of friendship between Jamaica and the US under President Obama’s leadership.” The Gleaner

T&T Prime Minister praises people-oriented Obama

“He earned his re-election, he remained grounded in politics of hope and delivery to the people,” says Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar.
“Asked whether there were any lessons to be learnt from the US presidential elections, she responded: “Stay focussed on delivery to the people.” Trinidad Express, By Anna Ramdass

What Obama victory means for Kenya – His father’s land

“What can we expect of him in his second term? What should we do to squeeze more out of his administration? In his first term, President Obama was a disappointment for Africa.
“Because we love our son, we have been in a hurry to excuse these failings. The American economy has been in bad shape. The domestic rivals were forcing his attention to remain local.
“As he embarks upon his new mandate, Obama is in a position to rewrite the heritage of his relations with his father’s continent. With the US economy recovering and the burden of thinking long-term lifted, he has the opportunity to listen more to African voices. By Mukhisa Kituyi, Posted Thursday, November 8 2012 at 00:20

Mandela’s daughter hails Obama victory

“As a mother and as a grandmother who raises boy children, I think that the symbolism of having a black man occupy the highest office is something that can make my children very aspirational to know that this is possible, you know, in their lifetime.” — Zindzi Mandela, daughter of former South African President Nelson Mandela. — World reaction to Barack Obama’s victory By the Associated Press | Associated Press 07 November 2012

‘Jamerican’ vote helped propel Obama

“Jamaica-born American Cynthia Wilson was ecstatic to leave work early yesterday so that she could vote.”I voted for Mr Obama,” Cynthia proudly told The Gleaner, adding “I feel excited; I feel like have done my civic duty and no regrets.”
“President Obama did a good job over the past four years, he moved the country forward, and if he had more time, I think he would do even better,” she said.”
Cynthia, of Brownsville, Brooklyn, who has lived in the US for 12 years, gained citizenship and the right to vote in 2011.
Fern Whyte, Jamaica Gleaner writer Wednesday | November 7, 2012

Obama wins, Africa waits

“But questions are being asked what Obama’s new term means for Africa. Previously, Obama has made one whistle stop tour to Sub-Saharan Africa, and the continent expects more from the only US president they consider one of their own.
“For many, however, the US election presents an example for Africa, lessons that can be drawn from a peaceful election where the losing candidate is magnanimous in defeat”, says  Prince Ofori-Atta in the : Obama wins, Africa waits | The Africa

Kenya village kin praise Obama

Sarah Obama, step-grandmother of Barack Obama, has been speaking about her pride. She said the US president had the “knowledge to love all people”

Cuba si, Yanqui no!, maybe…

“President Raul Castro’s government is also often critical of the American president, but under a Romney administration it might have faced unwelcome rollbacks of Obama policies that relaxed restrictions on Cuban-American travel and remittances and increased cultural exchanges.” From “Obama victory a relief for Latin American left” By Ian James Associated Press — Nov. 7 7:50 PM EST

US-Africa cooperation, Nigeria’s goal says PM

Citing his record on ending global economic depression and fostering global peace and security, Nigerian President Goodluck Johnson spoke out for improved US-Africa relations.
“Nigeria, the Economic Community of West African States and the African Union enjoyed very cordial and productive relations with the Obama Administration in his first term.
“President Jonathan looks forward to continuing to build on Nigeria’s and Africa’s developmental collaboration with the United States.
In particular, he said, “the US-Nigeria Bi-National Commission which was established in President Obama’s first term as the primary platform for the promotion of greater trade and economic cooperation between both countries as well as bilateral collaboration in other areas”. Punch, Nigeria online 07 November 2012

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