HAPPY NEW YEAR. “NEW US” Post-Grenfell?

Blacks and Women Made Gains in London Fire Brigade, But Planning Social Housing Futures Remains a post-Grenfell issue

By Thomas L Blair 02 January 2018 ©

Jackie Adams-Bonitto MBE
Jackie Adams-Bonitto MBE/Photo LFB

My column for New Year’s Day offers wishes for improved social housing in 2018, and there are two themes: safety and equality.

I hope this year is a turning point, after one of the darker years in our recent history.

Fortunately, there are some good reasons to be hopeful.

Somebody bake a New Year’s Honours cake for Jackie Adams-Bonitto, London Fire Brigade’s highest non-uniformed BME woman. The honoured MBE trains firefighters in fire safety and rescue, and promotes equality, diversity & inclusion.

Post-Grenfell these same themes highlight the 2018 housing challenge: how to create a “safe new us” for the denizens of social housing.

For the facts, ideas and ideals that support my wish list, I recommend the Chronicleworld’s Grenfell articles and my eBook published in 2017.

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