Build on your strengths. Move forward in the century’s “roaring Twenties

By Thomas L Blair 29 December 2019 ©
Of course, there are plenty of grim trends to worry about. But there were successes too. Here are our best opinion pieces —articles, editorials and more. {scroll to them on Chronicleworld}

This year, the Windrush Generations case stormed back into public consciousness. We reported the malign and lingering lack of compensation for Black Britons who helped rebuild war-torn Britain. We drew attention to the need for a moral, political and social response. But noted the need to determine what a reparations program would actually cost.

• Windrush Workers Rights Need Boost from UK trade unions
• Hackney’s Windrush Day celebrations miss great opportunity
• Windrush: Ode to the Journey, Cricket and Social Progress

Other fine contributions called out: Heads-up Blinkered Black Scribes — Write the wrongs of media prejudice And support the European diaspora in Black Europe Unchained from “the Links of Colonialism”.

We also published articles that placed Black opinions at the centre of the Brexit debate. This produced some of the most powerful stories on race that we published this year.

• Are Black Londoner’s futures safe in electioneering politician’s hands
• Dynamic Women of Colour Spur ‘anti-Boris/Brexit’ Challenge
• Order! Black Lawmakers Praise Race-positive John Bercow
• Black Britons Counter the Threatening Brexit Effect
• In a rare attempt at futurology, we reported on THE NEW BLACK ALPHA-GENERATION POST-BREXIT. Tech-savvy youngsters could be new decade’s “people of colour in information technology”.

So, yes, there are plenty of grim trends to worry about. But it’s also important to acknowledge the backdrop of progress as we enter the 21st century’s “roaring Twenties”.

Build on your strengths. Move forward in the century’s “roaring Twenties

Keep up with us as we tap into the networks in our community during 2020. Of course we’ll continue reporting on the Brexit crisis, Windrush reparations and the enquiry into the Grenfell tragedy. We’ll have views on the stars, celebrities and national treasures named on the Queen’s New Year’s Honours List.

Follow our reports on the Black contenders in the Labour Party Leadership Race: the outspoken David Lammy MP Tottenham, Dawn Butler MP for Brent Central, Shadow women’s and equalities minister and Shadow treasury minister Clive Lewis MP Norwich South.

Don’t miss our views on the prevention strategy of Jacqui Dyer MBE new president of the Mental Health Foundation.

We’ll also monitor the sports, lifestyle, faith, opinion and social media stories in The Voice, Britain’s top Black newspaper serving the Britain’s African and Caribbean community.

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