Chronicleworld honoured

Have you heard the news!!’s community and cyberaction gain place in British Library’s top 2000 UK websites, the online journal highlighting the interests of Black British and Afro-Europe communities, has been recognised “as an important representation of British Culture,” by the UK’s leader in “conserving world knowledge,” the British Library.

Founded in November 1997, the Chronicleworld joins 2000 sites selected from more than 5 million UK domain web sites. Curators at the historic national library say the sites are archived “to preserve them for future generations”. 

Chronicleworld editor and publisher Professor Thomas L Blair welcomed this recognition saying “Our selection is an important contribution to the digital recording of the lives of people who are often overlooked and excluded”. 

“Our information-based articles and blogs offer insights into major social problems. The search for solutions to race-ethnic relations, is one of the most important issues facing British society. Cyberaction for beneficial policies is our chosen medium of expression,” says Blair.

Over a decade, readers have benefited from the Chronicleworld’s articles, reports and 1000s of text pages. Furthermore, viewers, researchers and policymakers can link up to digital networks around the globe to easily access information on the Black experience.

This pioneering work is recognised on the British Library’s website. Clicking on opens an alphabetical directory and choosing the letter “C” accesses the website Chronicle World – Changing Black Britain.

In addition, Blair explores ways of connecting the potential of the Internet to demands for social justice and equality in the 21st century, at Cyberaction for Social Change – Thomas L Blair, the website of