Chronicleworld: An Internet milestone interview Oct. 1997*

Naomi Campbell
Naomi Campbell

“It is not all fashion and Naomi Campbell’s body. Where are the Afro-Caribbean violinists?” 

By Thomas L Blair 23 October 2017 ©


 Ms Thorpe continues:

“It is no surprise, then, to hear [from Professor Blair] that one of the magazine’s first targets will be the apparent media conspiracy that has allowed positive images of blacks to emerge only in the marginal fields of sport, fashion and pop music.

The antidote, Professor Blair believes, is simply to inform Britain’s black urban communities; to let them talk to each other and find their own solutions and spokespeople by means of information technology.

“It is not all fashion and the body of Naomi Campbell. Where are the Afro-Caribbean violinists?  The scientists? Blacks need more information about themselves. We need a marriage between the cultures of technology and self-expression.  And this is the arena for The Chronicles.”

*Part 2. of New Century Black Britain .Writings from a Cyber-Scholar’s Journal – On The  Chronicleworld’s 20th anniversary 1997-2017. The October 1997 Vanessa Thorpe interview with Professor  Blair

Interview to be continued:  Civic participation is a key to Black advancement.