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Citizen journalism is a mighty force for freedom
By Thomas L Blair 30 October 2017 copyright
Blogging is a changing cyber sphere. That The Chronicleworld reached a 20-year anniversary is a remarkable feat of citizen journalism. Thanks are due to the discerning readers of our top quality articles, commentaries and reports.

They welcome a journal that is:
Critical of thought-controllers and spin-doctors.
A scourge to city barons, developers and elected officials that fail to monitor biases in urban regeneration.
Always challenging the inaccuracies and racial stereotypes in the mainstream press — in print broadcasting and online.

The Chronicleworld rose on the crest of the millennial internet revolution in the Black World. Joined in spirit with a new movement for citizen journalism: Black cyber-organisers, scholars, journalists, and community leaders in the diaspora.

The aim is to end the digital divide between the information-haves and the powerless have-nots. Moreover, to use the tools of  information technology “to create, augment or fact-check the news on their own or in collaboration with others”.

Therefore, on our 20th anniversary, which coincides with Black History Month in Britain, The Chronicleworld salutes our readers, supporters and all who blog for information freedom, equality and fraternal relations.

Your views are welcome, and  Thank You for blogging this article to your  friends and subscribers