BREXIT – Umunna’s Vote Leave Watch-ers urge new consensus on Britain’s future

Thomas L Blair 24 July 2016 ©

vote leave watch huffington post 577fba221a000023006f936fBREXIT myths of “greater prosperity” all add up “to lower investment, fewer jobs, and higher prices,” Labour’s Streatham MP Chuka Umunna has warned.

He cites popular distrust of Vote Leave ministers in charge of Britain’s EU exit and key departments like Transport, Environment and International Development.

Mr Umunna said, “senior pro-Brexit politicians had accused Remain campaigners like me of engaging in ‘Project Fear’. But the truth is that they themselves were peddling ‘Project Fantasy’.”

They claimed that leaving the EU would free up £350milllion more every week to spend on the NHS. However, the minute the polls closed on June 23 “the Brexit battlebus went into a screeching u-turn”

Umunna’s Vote Leave Watch campaigners will “hold them to account for their overblown promises”. The goal is to “forge a national consensus on a way forward for our country”, he said.

A worthy cause, perhaps, but he and his Watch-ers will have to broaden their appeal, particularly to younger and BME voters.