Black History goes digital


We lost sight of the true worth of Black History
Now let’s get it back — and digitise it

October is a month of mighty memories for Black communities. Their computers are brimming over with the treasures of Black history. However, what are we doing to preserve Black heritage electronically for the next decade, much less for the ages?

Fortunately, in my new series Black History Goes Digital, I offer some answers to this vexing question. You’ll discover that digital preservation is more than a matter of expensive software in the hands of technocrats. It is content that really counts. That is people gathering, creating, storing and digitising Black Heritage for advancement.

Furthermore, in my view, the challenge of the 21st century is overcoming information poverty. We need to know what Black communities are doing to tackle the problems and increase the prospects of “Going Digital”. How are they “Crossing the Digital Divide” and “Training cyberarchivists and organisers”?  And, crucially, what are the best methods of Internet action for “Decolonising euro-centric history”, “Creating social capital”, and “Networking the Black World”.

Drawn from diverse sources and reprints from the ChronicleWorld web site, the series has one over-riding purpose. It supports the view that Black History is an irreducible web of experiences that unite Africa and Diasporic communities. Not separate, but equal to others in the human quest for fraternal, peaceful and cooperative relations between all peoples.

By Thomas L Blair, 20 October 2008


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