Black Britain – In or out of Europe? YOU DECIDE

Alex pascall 3709703296_21f775702d_zThe Voice Britain’s sole Black newspaper has declared allegiance to REMAIN. Three Black MPs say LEAVE. But our guest columnist Alex Pascall OBE says YOU DECIDE as EU referendum race goes to the wire. Published 20 June 2016 by Thomas L Blair ©

Britain – in or out, where do you want us to be? Your vote counts (use it or regret it). Not participating is for the foolish and short-sighted.

Young or old we must all face reality. The decision of this European Union (EU) referendum vote will shape the future destiny of the UK for good or ill.

The vote will support the view that Britain can it alone, with a fortress-like mentality of ‘them and us’. Alternatively, it could rebrand a nation that believes unity and collaboration with European countries is where true strength lies.

To be or not to be in Europe that is the question. [The Voice says stay in for “More jobs. Lower Prices. A stronger economy to protect our NHS“.

Rebel “least Black” Conservatives Adam Afriye, James Cleverly and Kwasi Kwarteng say “Leave” the deeply troubled EU.]

Arguably, this EU vote — stay or go — is more important than last year’s national General Election. Britain’s future is in peril. We are all at a crossroads. We take the uncertain road of Brexit (leaving the EU) or we vote to remain in the EU.

Either way, the result is on a knife-edge. This means your vote is crucial.

In this heightening battle, duty calls us to play a voting role. Each vote counts:

“Let your vote be your decision

To decide who wins this referendum”.