BLACK BREXIT MANIFESTO: Homeland Opportunities or Second Empire

By Thomas L Blair 13 March 2018 copyright

Amidst fears of a Second British Empire, the UK exit from the European Union threatens to reinstall the dependence of Commonwealth African and Caribbean homelands of the Black British diaspora.

Thanks to the UK, they have had preferential trade access to the EU market.  But Brexit is a game-changer. The question now is how can Commonwealth African and Caribbean governments ride piggy-back on Britain’s new global trade deals. Furthermore, how can they develop bilateral agreements themselves with the major global players including China, India and the US.

Therefore, now’s the time, as the 2018 Commonwealth meeting convenes in London in April, for Black Britons to call for government policies and programs that strengthen their homelands

Experts say leaving the EU will surely weaken development initiatives in vulnerable African, Asian and Caribbean countries. This means lost existing preferences and £hundreds of millions in export duties, according to the distinguished Commonwealth Secretariat series Trade Hot Topics.

Hence, the urgent need to ensure that Brexit safeguards and expands economic recovery in the colonies, territories and client states. Furthermore, advocates call for an inclusion rider. At least £30 billions of extra funding is needed to increase food production, education and health services in the poorest regions.

Bold Black leadership can make this happen. Clearly,  African-Caribbean-origin MPs have a crucial role to play. They must work to transform the UK-Commonwealth agenda. Action – with diaspora communities, non-governmental organisations and friendly development experts – is urgent.  The goal is a danger limiting and opportunity enhancing manifesto for African and Caribbean homelands.

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