Black Vote to the Polls GE 2017

Let’s sing and dance about it!

By Thomas L Blair 07 June 2017

alex-votefullsizerenderI hope  my GE 2017 articles have helped you answer your questions, make up your mind and get out and vote in the elections tomorrow.

On that happy thought, I send you on your way with a hot calypso beat by Alex Pascall, the Good Vibes griot –VOTE!

One thought on “Black Vote to the Polls GE 2017

  1. Your coverage on the UK General Election in respect to the Black presence is quite outstanding, sites like yours are key to keep Black issues at the forefront of the media in respect to Britain the USA and countries globally. Issues that concern the Black presence have not been discussed in this General Election campaign.

    Our decision to create this campaign video on YouTube is for us to eventually gain access to the leader of the Labour Party to put our issues of concern on their agenda.

    We are pleased that your site offers a vehicle for access.

    Here is the link for our video on You Tube