Deanne Heron, author
Deanne Heron, author

Poetical Justice — Black citizen challenges traffic camera


Surreptitious Surveillance is fantastic storytelling … If only many people would tell their story in such an honest way,” Alex Pascall OBE musician and educator.

“Brave attempt to question the traffic camera and the judge,”


Madam you are brought before me in this court for criminal damage to public property.

Do you have anything to say in your defence – what is your plea?

You are a law abiding citizen with no previous convictions as far as I can see.

Please state your case quickly this day so I might grant you clemency.

I am guilty Your Honour and to illustrate my case I have quite a lot in evidence to say.

Because I don’t think I should have been brought here in this disgraceful way,

In handcuffs in great embarrassment flanked for all to see by guards.

This traumatic experience, Your Honour, will leave me permanently emotionally scarred.

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About the author

Deanne Heron was born in Jamaica but came to live in England in 1967. Deanne’s primary school teacher’s love of poetry sparked her own interest in poetry and writing in general. She has found writing poetry an escape and a very therapeutic way to cope with racism and the harsh life she experienced in Britain on her arrival.

SURREPTITIOUS SURVEILLANCE features in Deanne’s Contemplation — a collection of thoughts and emotions expressed in poetry. She says  “The poems in this collection express many moods from sadness and heartache to mischievous musings and all the moods in between. Contemplation expresses an emotional journey from stressed confusion to inner peace. It is an art form of carefully crafted words; a sculpture of soothing words like honey to heal”.

Copyright Deanne Heron 2017


  1. Hi everyone. Just want to say a VERY BIG thank you for taking the time to read my poem and for your truly inspirational comments.

    Thank you to Professor Thomas Blair for allowing me to share my work.

    It was a difficult decision but I’ve decided to give away TWO free copies of my book of poetry CONTEMPLATION. I just couldn’t decide between Vince Holder and Tony Robinson. Congratulations guys! I know some of you have already bought copies anyway.

    If you would like a copy of Contemplations or a copy of my two volumes of short humorous stories, please contact me on Facebook or have a look at my website:

  2. Again Deanne has created magic for the reader. When the pupil is ready the teacher appears. A Pandora’s box is opened to reveal our innermost fears, challenges, hopes and issues. Deanne’s expression of experience is so later focused, one reads repeatedly and a different insight comes to the surface. I’m free !

    1. It is so heart warming to read comments like yours Eric and realise that there are lots of people on the same page as I am and truly understand what my poem is tying to say. Thank you firstly for taking the time to read it and secondly for your comment.

  3. Thank you so much Carl. As a talented and experienced fellow writer your words mean a lot to me. I would love to see my work as a play on the stage or a radio play. Better still I think my short stories would make an excellent black soap opera.

  4. I read your poem all the way through
    Right to the very last word
    I smiled as you noted
    How man tends to manage
    To capture the acts of this world
    Yes it was a bit long
    But its rhythmical song
    I had caught
    And I could not let go
    As new thought gave new meaning
    And each question revealing
    How technology parents our world.
    So thank you my friend
    Write another again
    But this time
    maybe in parts?
    chapters 1 2 & 3
    Final tableau
    a scene
    Where the camera’s on trial
    For our art!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read the poem Palette. Glad it made you smile and held your attention to the end.

  5. I believe you are divinely inspired just keep on listening and I am sure many will be challenged as well as entertained in a loving way

    1. Wow! I feel truly honoured and blessed by your encouraging comment Pempho. Thank you for taking the time to read my poem.

  6. I am happy that Miss Heron has decided to share yet another comically thought provoking Masterpiece of her wealth of experience. Love the way she forces her readers to “take the trip ” with her.

    1. Thank you Milly for allowing me to “force you to take the trip” with me. As long as you feel it was a worthwhile journey , I am very happy and look forward to ‘tripping’ with you again very soon 😊😊

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed this read. Deanne’s honest and relatable approach together with smooth delivery is always a winner.

    1. Thank you Mma. I appreciate you taking the time to read my poem which is very long but as I hoped, engaging enough to hold the reader’s attention

  8. Inspirational Deanne…your words evoked so many different emotions in me throughout the read and I thank you for sharing. The metaphor is powerful my sister and I appreciate the way you weave your words and tell your (and our) story and capture our historical and yet still current experience as a people. The symbolism of the cctv is powerful and the gradual enlightenment as the tale unfolds gives a message of hope. Well, that’s what I took away on one read and will read again and see what more I get, it’s too good for just one read. Thank you and bless your magic hands – for the words that they craft are indeed inspirational.

    1. That is exactly what this is Vince – our story so it has really warned my heart to know that it isn’t just me being paronoid but so many other people can identify with what I am saying. Bless you for your encouraging comments.

  9. Jamaican humour is always refreshing and educational to none jamaican,our music poetry and culture is envy to the the rest of the world.

    1. Exactly Garrick! I am a product of two cultures – Jamaican and British but feel an obligation to preserve and promote my Jamaican culture – the priceless treasure which many of the younger people of Caribbean descent are unaware of. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my poem and comment.

  10. A fantastic, insightful and timely piece of social commentary sprinkled with more than a touch of spiritual enlightenment. Made me reflect…

    1. Thank you Maxine…”social commentary sprinkled with more than a touch of spiritual enlightenment”… that 😊😊

  11. Leaves to reader wanting more (bit too short). The intro suggest damage to property but no details given. I think there could have been a more sinister message as this is one where I’m sure the injured party would pleased to have cameras running. Captivating nonetheless.

    1. Thank you Carl. Too SHORT?! That would be a novel in poetic form then? I will bear your words in mind when writing the next one 😊